June 1, 2016

Embedding Gorilla-repl worksheet in a blog post

Gorilla-repl is a toolset from the Clojure stable, which enables us to interact, visualize and share Clojure code as a worksheet. For those familiar with IPython notebooks (now called Jupyter), Gorilla-repl is the Clojure equivalent of the same. I find that it is an excellent environment for sharing and discussing data science.

Gorilla REPL introduction from JonyEpsilon on Vimeo.

I wanted the ability to add a new blog post, where the contents of the post are an (externally hosted) Gorilla repl worksheet, such as on Github. I discovered the Cryogen blog engine (again, written in Clojure), and I was able to add support to host Gorilla-repl worksheets to the same.

Currently this work remains as a pull request on the Cryogen project, clone the project from this branch until the merge.

Documentation on how to create a gorilla-repl supported Cryogen blog can be found in the docs. An example of a hosted worksheet can be found here.